Dirty E30 (Pt.3)

02OCT16 More parts are in!! This time it’s a replacement shifter boot and bushings, Mann air filter, intake manifold gasket set, fan clutch, pilot bearing, flywheel bolts, rear crank seal and rear crank seal cover gasket. Most of the stuff i’m saving for another weekend project. First, the easy stuff! Things appeared to be straightforward; […]

Dirty E30 (Pt.2)

30SEP16 Parts are in!! Redline  MTL 75W80 GL-4 for the transmission, Redline 75W140 GL-5 for the noisy differential, Febi oil pan gasket, magnetic oil pan plug, oil filter housing o-ring, Mann oil filter, new light bulbs all round, and a new set of Bosch copper spark plugs. Let’s see if I can squash this noisy drivetrain […]

Dirty E30

28SEP16 Anyone who’s into cars knows of the glorious E30. Being produced from 1982 to 1994, they’re literally becoming classics. It’s easily the most competition-winning vehicle chassis in existence to this date. A true ‘drivers car’. The value of these cars has held steady over the years, but there’s hints of the value increasing on the horizon. With that […]